Writing Research Proposal

Writing Research Proposal

What is a research proposal?

Research proposal is defined as the set of steps that the researcher take to help him write a master’s or doctoral thesis, as the research plan explains those steps and how to reach the results of the research. Moreover, research proposal clarifies to the academic supervisor and readers the most important points related to a research in a clear and simple manner.

At Hedef Research Zone, we provide a high-level, complete research proposal preparation service for MSc and PhD thesis. The service is available in both Arabic and English for various academic disciplines. All with the help of specialized experts who’ve had competence and extensive experience in preparing research proposals with all its elements (introduction, research problem, research questions, significance, objectives, methodology, hypotheses, previous studies and a list of references).

We also prepare research proposal for the student based on the instructions and guide for writing proposals for the university in which each student enrolled in.

The service include:

  1. Writing a research proposal to explain the research problem accurately and at a high level
  2. Using scientific sources and modern references.
  3. Writing a research proposal in Arabic or English (depending on the student’s request)
  4. Taking into account all the conditions and criteria of the research proposal.

The research proposal writing service for PhD and master’s theses is characterized by writing a detailed and accurate research proposal covering all the basic and important elements.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Writing Research Proposal

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