Writing Academic Thesis

Writing Academic Thesis

In Hedef Research Zone, we provide assistance in writing academic thesis for postgraduate students, from the first stages of preparation until thesis submission and discussion. Our service is available in both Arabic and English; we will appoint the appropriate person, who has a high experience in the specialty and the topic of the research presented, to work with the student. Our team of researchers have years of experience working on academic theses in all its parts and chapters, from the introduction chapter to the preparation of the theoretical framework chapter and discussing previous research studies, up to preparing the methodology chapter while professionally designing the study tools and completing the analysis and discussion chapter, and finally discussing results and recommendations, which summarizes the main findings in the study and suggest the most important proposals that can be followed to solve the problem presented in the current study, and the suggestions for future studies.

We will provide the student with all the resources and references that were used throughout the preparation and writing of the thesis. The service also includes commitment to any amendment and review of the notes submitted by the student or the university.

A summary of the stages covered by the service:

  1. Choosing the appropriate title
  2. Research proposal design
  3. The theoretical framework with a discussion of previous studies
  4. Research Methodology
  5. Collecting and analyzing data
  6. Discussing results and suggestions

The service of writing theses is characterized by professionalism, high accuracy, and adherence to scientific research standards and required academic writing rules.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

writing academic thesis

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