Preparing & Publishing Scientific Research Papers

Preparing & Publishing Scientific Research Papers

At Hedef Research Zone, we provide a service for preparing and publishing scientific research papers. As we seek through this service to assist students in publishing their scientific papers in one of the scientific journals that are based on solid scientific standards; and consistent with the interests of major universities and scientific research centers, as the process of publishing scientific research needs continuous communication with scientific journals, coordination and modification according to their system followed and follow-up. Continuing to ensure that it is published in accordance with the required standards.

The service include:

  1. Publishing in scientific journals.
  2. Published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  3. Maintain intellectual property rights.
  4. Formatting papers according to any scientific journal system.

We help you to make your writing of research papers up to the level of targeted scientific journals, whether they are for Scopus, ISI, Peer Review or scientific conferences.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Preparing & Publishing Scientific Research Papers

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