Postgraduate Services

المساعدة في كتابة الرسائل العلمية

Writing Academic Thesis

We provide a service to assist in writing theses for postgraduate students, from the first stages of preparation until the thesis submission and viva. Available in Arabic or English.

اقتراح عناوين لرسائل الدكتوراة والماجستير

Thesis title suggestion

A unique service for proposing new, modern titles that suit the level of study and the appropriate environment for the researcher.

Writing Research Proposal

We offer students the services of preparing a complete and high-level research proposals for master's and doctoral theses. The service is available in both Arabic and English for various majors.

Data Preparation & Statistical Analysis

We provide data preparation and statistical analysis service for all fields of study.

Academic Translation

A translation service for dissertations and research papers in both Arabic and English languages. This service is characterized by accuracy and high quality.

التدقيق اللغوي


We offer proofreading and review services, which includes ensuring the validity of the vocabulary and content of the study, in a professional manner and in adherence to the rules of academic writing

Formatting Thesis & Research Papers

The service includes arranging and formatting the thesis or research paper in its final form and ensuring that it is free from grammatical and linguistic errors.

Paraphrasing Services

The service includes content paraphrasing for dissertations and scientific research, while taking care to preserve the meaning of the original text.

Plagiarism Testing

The service includes lagiarism testing for students, through using official and accredited softwares such as Turnitin.


Presentation Slides

The service includes assistance in preparing unique presentation slides in a professional and interactive manner.