Paraphrasing Services

Paraphrasing Services

In Hedef Research Zone, we offer a content paraphrasing service for dissertations and scientific research, which is one of our most important services. This service is usually used to reduce the rate of plagiarism, as the master’s or doctoral student needs to have his thesis or research with the least percentage of plagarisim (based on the university’s instructions).

The service contains the following:

  1. Re-writing the content by professionals who have high skills in this field.
  2. Following a professional approach in paraphrasing the content, and taking care to preserve the meaning of the original text
  3. Paraphrasing the text content in a manner free from spelling and linguistic errors, and to avoid laxity and construction while re-writing the text.
  4. We follow the permissible percentage of plagiarisim allowed in every university.
  5. Ensure that the content is presented in a professional format and structure that helps the researcher read it easily.

Our expert and specialized team works to paraphrase the content of research and scientific thesis in an accurate and proper manner, and ensure the correctness and quality of the content, and that the basic scientific terminology related to the study does not change.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Paraphrasing Services

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