Formatting of Thesis and Research Papers

Formatting Thesis and Research Papers

The process of formatting thesis and research papers is one of the most important steps that a student must take before submitting his research to the university or even for publication in scientific journals. Therefore, we are careful to follow the conditions and formatting framework of each university, as each university has its own rules regarding the formatting of theses and research papers.

We guarantee in this service the arrangement and formatting of the thesis in its final form, and to ensure that it is free from grammatical and linguistic errors. Moreover, to ensure the university’s acceptance of research, we follow the university’s conditions for formatting and writing scientific dissertations.

The service include:

  1. Format tables and figures.
  2. Formatting the way references and margins are written.
  3. Organizing page breaks, arranging chapters and clarifying their titles.
  4. Standardize the size and type of font used.
  5. Full compliance with the conditions of the university or the publication journal for formatting.
  6. Fast delivery.
  7. Formatting by specialized experts.

The formatting process can take from the student a lot of time and effort, so we try through this service for theses and research papers to help the student to submit his/her research in a formatted manner, in the least possible time and with high quality. We have a number of specialized and experienced researchers in formatting research and scientific dissertations.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Formatting Thesis and Research Papers

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