Data Preparation & Statistical Analysis

Data Preparation & Statistical Analysis

In Hedef Research Zone, we provide a data preparation & statistical analysiss service for all fields of study. Whereas, statistical analysis is the scientific method adopted in most studies of all specialties, which transforms the collected digital data into results that are easy to read and understand.

Data Preparation

The data preparation section includes preparing secondary source data, collecting and processing the original data, confirming it, and removing foreign elements (if required) in preparation for carrying out advanced statistical analyzes in the next step.

Statistical Analysis

Data analysis includes executing, reporting, and commenting on the statistical results of recurring and descriptive data, differences, and predictive relationships using application such as IBM SPSS, SmatPLS, and IBM AMOS. Our team will discuss the results, link them with previous studies and interpret them to ensure accurate and correct results for the study.

The service include:

  1. Collect and enter data in SPSS
  2. Use graphs to represent data.
  3. Discussing the results and linking them to the study hypotheses.
  4. Use the most appropriate and effective scales and tests for the study.
  5. Using various statistical programs such as IBM SPSS, SmatPLS, IBM AMOS.
  6. Statistical analysis of the data in Arabic or/and English.

The preparation and data analysis process is carried out by a number of specialists in this field who hold certificates that qualify them for such tasks. Our goal is to provide a professional statistical analysis service that guarantees you access to accurate and correct results for your study.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Data Preparation & Statistical Analysis

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