Plagiarism Testing

Checking Plagiarism

Literary plagiarism has become one of the biggest problems in scientific research that students face most of the time, and failure to address this problem may negatively affect the acceptance of students’ research in universities or international journals.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the appropriation by a person of ideas, results, methods and words written by other authors without mentioning or referencing them, so that it appears to the reader that these ideas are the property of the student and not theft from others.

At Hedef Research Zone, we offer a plagiarism testing service for students, through using official and accredited softwares such as Turnitin. The process starts by sending the file to our specialized team, and after completing the examination, the student will receive a full report that includes:

  1. A list of the sources that were used in writing the study, with a link to each source.
  2. The percentage of plagiarism (literary and scientific plagiarism).
  3. Determine which studies were most plagiarized, with the percentage of plagiarism written from each source.
  4. Determine the number of times plagiarism was carried out from each source.

The service Guarantees:

  1. Complete the service with high accuracy.
  2. Identify all the plagiarism in the file.
  3. Determine the percentage of plagiarism within the file.
  4. The integrity of the content and preserving the quality of the original file.
  5. Fast delivery (24 hours from the date of receiving the order).

We use safe and certified softwares for the examination process, which means that the original content of the file and the quality will not change. If the percentage of plagiarism is high and you want to solve it, we provide you with a service of paraphrasing the content through professional specialists who have previous experience in paraphrasing research and scientific dissertations, in a way that guarantees to the student that there is no change in the meaning and scientific terminology in the file. For more information about the content paraphrasing service, click here

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Plagiarism Testing

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