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Hedef Research Zone
We work around the clock to help you submit according to your deadlines
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Hedef Research Zone
Your application is prepared and edited by subject matter experts
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Hedef Research Zone
Our services include data analysis, preparing a research plan, proposal, translation in Arabic and English, and more
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Services Categories

Academic services for postgraduate students​

It includes assistance in writing and translating scientific research, preparing a research plan, proofreading, improving writing quality and more...

Academic services for undergraduate students​

It include counseling on homework and university assignments, as well as implementing and writing statistical analysis reports of all kinds.

Publishing & research services

This include assistance in preparing and publishing research papers, and helping to participate in conferences. In addition to measuring and reducing plagiarism.

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Research Zone Consultant

Research Zone Consultant is part of Hedef Academy. It is designed to provide academic services to  masters, doctorate and bachelor students. These services include assistance in scientific papers from writing to publishing them in the largest and best international journals. We have researchers and experts from around the world who have experience in providing you with high quality services.

Our services  also include providing new titles for master’s and doctoral theses, writing a research plan, proofreading, preparing and analyzing data, translation in both English and Arabic and more.

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